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      Hello and welcome to ARCHERY TORONTO, your one-stop guide to Archery in Toronto and the GTA.

      Here you will find all the information to begin doing archery in Toronto, where to do archery, where to buy archery equipment, where to get archery lessons, the laws, rules and etiquette governing archery, a list of archery clubs in Toronto, recommendations for archery blogs in Toronto, and even local Toronto archery news. If you have any questions please read the corresponding section or check our Frequently Asked Questions page.

      So bring your bow and lets shoot some arrows!


      Please observe ALL of the archery range rules when visiting the Toronto Archery Range. It is also advised that all archers follow proper etiquette and behave responsibly at the archery range. When in doubt, follow common sense.


      Funds raised through donations help with maintaining, updating and growing , a valuable resource for Archers in Toronto.


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      October 1st 2021

      Two Toronto residents were arrested on September 30th in the Dundas Street East and Greenwood Avenue area after he was witnessed shooting arrows from a balcony at a drone that was buzzing over a residential area. Toronto Police Operations tweeted that the incident happened around 9:22 AM. "You had somebody who, I think, took offence to a drone being flown in or near their area. [...] So, they start to try and shoot the drone down with a bow and arrow," says Constable David Hopkinson. A film crew was working in the area and the drone may have been part of the film crew's camera equipment.

      Police confronted the two people responsible and negotiated their way into the home when it was revealed to be barricaded. The two people were charged with assault with a weapon, using weapons dangerous to the public peace, and being a common nuisance. No one was injured, but the incident is a reminder to Toronto's archery community that we are only legally allowed to shoot within the Toronto Archery Range or in an indoor setting. Any shooting of arrows outside that is not within the Toronto Archery Range is strictly prohibited and subject to a number of legal penalties.

      Also we realize it is a slow news year (everything is COVID this, COVID that), but please don't make more archery news if it is going to lead to damaging the reputation of Toronto's archery community. Even if there is a film crew using a noisy drone in the area, just think twice and don't do it. If you feel the urge to shoot at something just go to the archery range instead. So much more enjoyable (and quieter).

      September 13th 2021

      Only about two good months left in the year to shoot, so if you want to shoot now is arguably the best time before it gets cold in November. Get outside and go shoot!

      A bit of sad news: Archery Focus Magazine is ending its 25 year run. The final issue of the magazine will be November/December 2021. For a fee of $160 USD you can still get digital access to 150 back issues via their website at archeryfocusmagazine.com.

      May 10th 2021

      The Toronto Archery Range is currently closed due to COVID-19 Restrictions that affect all public sports fields and sports arenas across Toronto. They are expected to reopen when the current Stay-at-Home Order is lifted - likely on or after May 20th. To check the current status of all sports fields across Toronto you can visit the following website for updates:


      UPDATE: The archery range reopened in June,
      but we still recommend social distancing when visiting.

      March 21st 2021

      It is the first day of Spring and we are going to take this moment to remind archers that dogs are not allowed inside the Toronto Archery Range due to safety reasons. A dog who gets off leash (or is allowed off leash) could be accidentally shot by an arrow and killed or injured. Furthermore, due to the way animal cruelty laws work in Canada it would the owner of the animal who would be held criminally responsible for animal cruelty charges if they knowingly brought their dog into an area where canines are in danger and thus strictly prohibited.

      Also, yes, we are aware that dog owners keep tearing the signs down regarding dogs not being allowed within the archery range, but tearing down the sign doesn't make it any less illegal, and doesn't make the owner any less responsible for the well-being of their pet. The owner would still face animal cruelty charges for knowingly putting their pet in danger.

      PS. We have received multiple complaints recently of dogs being off leash and posing a safety hazard. We know everyone is tired of COVID, but that is no reason to put your dog in danger.

      September 26th 2020

      Updated our "Archery Library of Books on PDF" today.

      The library includes such vintage works as The Witchery of Archery, Toxophilus - 1545, and Zen in the Art of Archery. It also includes court documents like Galka V. Stankiewicz, Court File #03BN8727, an infamous case in which an archer shot his friend in the eyeball, and advice like 4 Tips for Camping Comfortably while Bowhunting.

      May 27th 2020

      Brand new target butts are coming to the Toronto Archery Range. The newly redesigned frames will be easier for park staff to maintain and will replace some of the older target butts which are in poor condition.

      The new target butts were on hold because of COVID restrictions, but due to some restrictions being lifted the target butts are expected to make their appearance sometime this summer.

      May 24th 2020

      May 24th Target Butts

      The Toronto Archery Range is open again, but we don't know for how long.

      The range may get closed again in due time when the Second Wave of the Coronavirus hits Toronto. Thanks to a lack of social distancing recently during Mother's Day weekend and an incident at Trinity Bellwoods Park the city may decide it isn't time to reopen parks and recreational areas and may simply close them again.

      In the meantime you can use the Toronto Archery Range for now, but strict physical distancing is still enforced by bylaw.

      Three of the target butts at the 20s have been repaired, with Butts #2 and #4 not being repaired in an effort to encourage social distancing. The 30s have not been repaired in an effort to keep any people at the 20s and 50s physically distant.

      March 26th 2020

      Due to the Coronavirus/COVID-19 Virus Outbreak the Toronto Archery Range located at E. T. Seton Park is closed until further notice.

      People who get caught ignoring the closure will need to pay a $5,000 fine.

      The gates to the Toronto Archery Range will remain open to allow deer and other wildlife passage, but any archers caught using the range will be fined.

      If you still want to do archery, we recommend doing it outside of the city limits of Toronto. Alternatively you can do archery indoors in a basement, garage or similar space. Find a place where you can practice archery safely while still respecting social distancing.

      December 17th 2019

      In response to recent emails, yes, the Toronto Archery Range is still open during the winter. The only significant change is that the Overlea Parking Lot and washrooms are closed during the winter. People wishing to park near the archery range are recommended to use other methods, such as parking at the free Eglinton parking lot (located south of Serena Gundy Park), or parking near the Shoppers Drug Mart and walking down the hill.

      September 17th 2019

      In response to a question regarding Portable Targets we have added a new page explaining why it is perfectly acceptable (and legal) to use portable targets at the Toronto Archery Range: Target Butts Vs Portable Targets. We felt a new page on this topic was necessary to dispel any legal confusion about what is allowed.

      We are also going to take this moment to remind people that they need to shoot from the shooting line and that broadheads are still prohibited, even if it is bowhunting season. Please observe and follow ALL of the archery safety rules / bylaws.

      July 6th 2019

      On the 6th day of the 7th month of 2019 archers from Toronto and the surrounding region shall gather for a day of fun, frivolity and shooting at targets at the 2019 Seton Archery Tournament. Competitors and spectators are all welcome. Competing is free. Spectating is free. Bring food to share at the picnic/BBQ. The tournament starts at 11 AM, but competitors are recommended to show up 30-60 minutes early to get some early practice in. See the Facebook Event Listing for additional details.


      May 28th 2019

      It has been an extremely muddy Spring at the Toronto Archery Range, but there are sunny skies on the horizon. The forecast for the next 14 days predicts only 2 days with rain and the majority of the days will be sunny with temperatures in the low 20s. That should help to dry up a lot of the mud.

      Also, according to our grapevine sources Toronto Parks staff are reportedly working on a way to make the main/north entrance more accessible, which will allow the park staff to be able to drive in easier with a truck with less worries about mud, and consequently will allow them to do maintenance on the target butts and mow the grass easier. This will also have a side benefit of making the archery range more accessible for people in wheelchairs and anyone with hindered mobility who is unlikely to jump over the giant mud puddles.

      In the meantime if it has rained recently we recommend wearing rubber boots when visiting the Toronto Archery Range. We do not have a confirmed date for when the work on the entrance will be conducted or completed. Our best guess? It might be the middle of June before repairs to the target butts are done and the work on the entrance is done.

      February 13th 2019

      Police have charged a 35-year-old London Ontario man with second-degree murder in connection with the death of Brian Peter Maksoud. Maksoud, age 46, died on February 5th after being hit by an arrow in London's north end, the area of Arbour Glen Crescent just off Kipps Lane. The suspected murder happened in the early morning hours. Maksoud was rushed to hospital and underwent surgery but was later pronounced dead.

      Kevin Brandon Hartman was arrested Tuesday by London police and has been charged with second-degree murder in his death.

      Investigators say the victim and accused were known to each other, but did not elaborate on the relationship. Hartman is expected to appear in court February 20th in connection with the charge.

      Update, April 15th 2019: Amanda Tait, age 26, was arrested April 13th on charges of accessory after the fact in relation to the death of Brian Maksoud. Paul Wayne O’Connell, age 47, was also arrested for accessory after the fact.

      In light of new evidence Kevin Hartman's charges have been upgraded to first-degree murder.


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